IR Height sensor as FSR sensor

  • I just bought a piezo sensor and managed to (most likely) brick my board since I adjusted sensitivity too high on it. The piezo seems to respond quite fine with around 70-100mV peaks when tapping it very gently and up to 2Volt with hard tap. I read that DC42 said that he thought the IR sensor board could be used to monitor piezo sensor. Is it as easy as desolder the light sensor and soldering on the piezo element? If so is it possible to adjust it somehow? Will it handle bigger peaks like the one up at 2-3V or can I kill something doing that? I got some spare sensors since I ordered when I managed to fix a broken solder joint so I have a board I can play with 🙂

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    Yes you would need to reprogram the chip. That's what the 2x3 pads on the ISR sensor board are for.

  • ok so the levels would work I would just have to change the trigger levels in the code? Wonder if I got a programmer lying around.. Tempting to give it ago if it's only software that needs to be changed.

  • Where are you in the world surely it would be easier to get the correct board for this and I have one somewhere which will never get used I was going to use it for endstops but can't really see the point at the moment as mine are working so will on the delta I can't be arsed to spend the time designing mounts and triggers for them

  • Got it all sorted again so then I'll drop the convertion. You are prolly right Dougal1957 that it would be easier to just buy the proper board.

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