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  • I have an idea about the temperature of hotend and perhaps bed to be able to set on the fly, independent of what the slicer says. A little bit like baby-stepping overruling the Z height throughout the whole print. Now if one prints a sliced object and conclude that the temp should be higher 5 degrees overall, you would have to reslice, delete the old file and upload the new file. Especially in multi-tool setups that is a real pain because temps keep changing throughout the print. Maybe even add a job-ticket to a file in which you can note the changes you made to the objectfiles defaults that gave the best result. Is this a stupid idea? It would even make it possible to print ABS objects that were sliced for PLA and the other way around.

  • You can already alter the temps on the Fly using either the Web interface or the PanelDue in fact this has been available for as long as I have been running Duets and that is at leat 2 years.

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    As Doug says simply changing the temperature using the web interface or other input is already possible. If you want to ensure that you always get to determine the temperatures then edit the slicer's start, and tool change scripts to remove any temperature changes from them. That way you need to ensure the printer is at the right temperature before beginning to print. For tool changes you set the tools to have the desired active and standby temperatures.

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    RepRapFirmware is unique (I think) in that it is designed to manage active/standby temperatures without the slicer being involved. This is why it uses G10 as the primary means of setting temperatures, and supports M104/M109 just for backwards compatibility. It's all part of the move towards making GCode independent of the printer it runs on. So do as Tony says: let RRF manage the change between active and standby temperatures, then you can change them on the fly using G10 commands even in multi-nozzle printers.

  • Unless it is a feature I am unaware of, I don't understand this… Of course I know you can change the temperature after a print starts, but as soon as a new temp command occurs in the gcode it will need changing again... Just as with baby stepping it would be nice to be able to set an offset to the temps set in gcode. If it already exists, exactly where do I set that?

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    You need to change your slicer to not set any temperatures. Different slicers are different so have a look through the settings. You can check for M104 etc commands in the gcode file to confirm the slicer is not adding any temperatures. At that point you know whatever you set with G10 is what you will get.

    I understand you are asking for an additional features to override the slicer, either absolutely or relatively. As this thread is in the firmware wishlist the request will be swept up in future reviews and given a priority based on all the other requests

  • Thanks!

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