Rostock Max V2 to Duet 085 Advice

  • Hi guys, my name is Alex and I'm from BC Canada. I own a Rostock Max V2 which I built from a kit which I also upgraded with an E3D V6 and BondechQR.

    I would really like to have a 32 bit board on the Rostock because of the calibration capabilities, but I feel intimidated with the tweaking. I've already purchased a Duet 085, and paneldue with 7" display. I think all I need now is an FSR sensor which I heard good things about.

    I know I'll probably have no issues with the wiring and connectors, but it's the after loading the firmware part that might give me a headache. Can somebody give me advice on any available resources while I wait for the FSR sensors…..???

    I'm sorry If this question has been posted before

  • Good luck with the Rostock. Do yourself a favor and search this forum for a bit and find out the issues everyone is having.

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    I think there are as many non-Rostock owners having issues. I have a V2 with a Duet and it works fine, I believe a D300VS is perhaps mechanically a better printer, but that does not mean the Duet would not be a worthy upgrade for a Rostock Max.

    To amcutem: You wil find these links of great interest:
    (Credits to MHackney!)

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    I think the Rostock issues that number40fan was referring to are the apparent high spots between towers, related to the mechanical design.

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