1.19 upgrade trouble with web control

  • need help installing web control zip file after 1.19 firmware upgrade i have read the instructions about /www root file but do not understand give it to me in layman's terms please the more basic the better

  • I had the same problem with the instructions. You have to do two things.

    1. Create a directory (folder) called www at the top level on the flash card. This will be at the same level as the sys directory where all the other installer files go.

    2. Unzip the file. This will probably create a folder called "DuetWebControl-1.19" . Copy the contents of that folder (not the folder) into your new /www folder.

    The /www directory will then contain /www/css, /www/fonts, /www/js, and some gzip files.

    I hope this helps, and the confusion is not your fault 🙂

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