New duetwifi not connecting

  • new duetwifi, cant get to connect usb to computer no recognition at all, sd card reads in computer but dont know what to do with it

  • found trobleshooting says: and use a text editor to remove or comment out the M552 S1 command in config.g. Save the file, and also copy a known working DuetWiFiServer.bin file into the/sys directory.

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    Before you do that, here are some thing to try/check:

    • If you are running Windows, open Device Manager, expand Ports (COM and LPT). Does the Duet show up in the ports list? If not, try another USB cable, and try another USB port.
    • If you have a PanelDue with 5" or 7" screen, disconnect it when running the Duet with USB power only. Most USB ports can't supply enough current for the 7" screen, and some can't supply, enough power for the 5".
    • Check that on the end of the Duet with the USB connector, the red 5V led, the red USB power LED and the green 3.3V LED are lit.

  • there is only the two red lights no green

  • k found trouble shooting with no green light and was short on one of my limit switches preventing the problem

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    With Arduino/RAMPS electronics, when using a simple microswitch endstop, you have a 2-pin connector that you have to plug into a 3-pin socket. If you plug the 2-pin connector into the wrong end of the 3-pin connector, you short +5V to ground. This frequently blows the 5V regulator on the Arduino. It's an example of stupid design: if users have to plug a 2-pin cable socket into a 3-pin header, a lot of them will get it the wrong way round.

    I guess the original designers of the Duet (Adrian Bowyer and Tony Lock) realised how stupid this was, because they chose the pinout of the 3-pin connector such that you used the two outer pins to connect a simple microswitch - the most common type of endstop switch. So it doesn't matter which way round you connect it.

    Unfortunately, this means that if you convert a printer using RAMPS or similar electronics to Duet, and you don't read any of the warnings we publish about the different endstop connections but instead connect your 2-pin endstop switch cable randomly into one end of the endstop connector on the Duet, you have a 50% chance of shorting 3.3V to ground. However, the 3.3V regulator on the Duet is tougher than the one on the Arduino, so this doesn't normally cause any permanent damage.

    HTH David

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