Acceleration and speed

  • Is there any rules/formulas you need to use when configuring the instantaneous speed change, Acceleration and Max speed in the config files for x and y?

    at the moment we are running instantaneous speed change at 500mm/s, Acceleration 60mm/s, and Max speeds at 4800mm/s on both axis

    When I have changed instantaneous speed change to 600mm/s, we seem to lose steps, and the print starts around 1 meter away from where it should be. When changing the other 2, it starts to print in the wrong place, and when moving, a high(ish) pitch noise is made

    Is there a maximum speed embedded in the firmware?
    When jogging the axis, they do seem to move slow, and our slides are rated that they can go up to 5 m/s.
    Or could it be that the motors are struggling? We have nema 23's with a 10:1 gearbox on the x and y

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    What is the specification of your motors, what power supply voltage are you using, and what are your steps/mm?

    Have you gone through the calculation at to see whether you can reach your desired speed without the back emf of the motor being larger than the power supply voltage? You will obviously need to calculate the revs per second allowing for your 10:1 gearboxes.

    There is no maximum speed embedded in the firmware.

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