No connection with computer

  • i have connected my duet wifi to computer first time that nothing any device in device manager. also i have downloaded drivers.i tried 3 computer and 3 connection cable nothing in device manager. i think i need help

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    The correct LEDs are illuminated. Please follow the steps at

  • i did all of them. also load sam-ba 2.17 and there is no connection. what is the problem

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    Did the Bossa port appear in Device manager?

  • no. i add a picture of my device manager

  • is it defective product? i bought it from a week ago

  • Have you installed the Specific Duet Driver

  • yes

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    As far as I can see, your Device Manager isn't showing any COM/LPT ports at all. Please ask Filastruder to exchange the board.

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    Good points Calvin, I had forgotten that some micro USB cables are for charging devices only and do not carry data.

  • @CaLviNx:

    Before 100% blaming the board, it might be a plan to try the following.

    1. Try another known working USB data cable

    2. Make sure you are plugged into a rear direct USB 2.0 port

    3. Depending on the O/S on the PC USB can be a bitch to get bossa to be recognised.

    As I know I have inadvertently picked up any available USB cable I have had laying around only to find its not a true data cable but a charge cable only.

    On the second point if you use a front USB i have found that they do not transmit either power or data very well compared to the USB port directly mounted to the motherboard, and i have also had a Duet board refuse to talk to my win 10 PC if i use a USB 3.0 port compared to a USB 2.0

    On point three try another laptop or PC mircosoft's O/S's are know for being fussy, there is a reason many engineering firms and the military are still using win XP ….

    Failing that and having 100% properly installed the correct drivers then and only then blame the hardware, in which case you can be rest assured that if there is a fault that you will be looked after.

    before blaming people you have to known who he is.

    left one my xperia phone's cable. i connect my phone to computer and download my picture from phone with these cable. middle came from filastruder. other one my spare cable.

    this is my MSi. it has 3x3.0 usb 2x2.0 usb i tried all usb

    this has 8 usb(usb 3.0 and 2.0). i tried all of them

    this is my sony vaio 2x3.0 usb. all trieded

    this one my old computer it has only 4 usb 2.0. i tried all
    i paid 400 dolar this system and i want to use. do you have any solution or you are going to blame customers.

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    Ok, i think it was worth trying a different USB cable to rule that out but since that did not work it looks like, as David said earlier, we are going to need to do a warranty return on the board. Please contact filastruder for a warranty exchange.

  • @CaLviNx:


    i paid 400 dolar this system and i want to use. do you have any solution or you are going to blame customers.

    Look, people here are TRYING to help you, by trying to provide you with ALL possible options to HELP YOU.

    It's better to try everything to get the unit operational to SAVE YOU the lost time of having to wait on getting a replacement board out to you.

    But if you want to get like that then fine.

    I know from now on any post I see you make I will whistle as I walk on past.

    you have to remember what you write on facebook group and you get kick out. first if you want to help people you have to learn be kind. thanks dc42 for help me. but you are tactless and rude when you try to help someone

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    Please calm down, both of you. serkanozgur reported in his original post that he had already tried 3 different USB cables and 3 different computers - which is much more thorough than I expect from first-time users. Calvin pointed out that some USB cables are for charging only, and also pointed out issues with certain PCs that might be relevant. You have both written good posts, and there is no need to attack each other. At least one of you doesn't have English has his/her native language, and allowances should be made for that.

    I will moderate any further posts in this thread that are not strictly technical in content (or are apologies).

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