Where is this moire coming from?

  • I've been slowly getting my printer dialed in and it's printing pretty well now, Just trying to eek out the final 10%.
    I printed this model in vase mode 100micron layer height, and I can see some kind of pattern on it. I can't really feel it with my fingers but under the right light you can clearly see it. My printer is a D-bot corexy machine with 1.8 degree stepper for xyz and extruder. I have everything set to 64 microstepping currently. I am using a titan extruder in direct drive.

    more here

    you can see a circular type of moire on the rounded corners of the vase and some smaller moire in other places. Ignore the small horizontal lines, I think my reel has a small kink in it and possible causes some uneven extrusions along those lines.

    Any hints would be helpful, thanks!

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    It's likely to be a consequence of either the finite resolution of the stepper motor, or quantisation applied by either the slicer or the CAD program that generated the STL file when processing curves. It's unlikely that the stepper motors will respond to individual 1/64 microsteps.

    If it is due to finite resolution of the stepper motors, then increasing the motor current may help, and changing to 0.9deg motors (which will probably require a reduction to 32x microstepping) will help.

    If it's due to quantisation in the CAD program, there is probably a setting you can adjust if you have the original CAD model.

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