Recover print duration after print has finished

  • I use the Duet Wifi without any touchscreen - piloting uniquely from web interface.

    Invariably when doing an all-night print my laptop will have gone to sleep at some point and so, when I go to check the "print duration" there's no information in the browser.

    Of course it is possible to set the laptop not to sleep, but then you have to remember to de-program that afterwards etc..

    It would be really cool if the web interface could update with the information of the last print - at least the print duration! - if powered up after the print has finished.

    (The interest of knowing print duration is to check and see if there's a huge difference from the slicer which may then lead one to making optimisations before printing more.)

  • administrators

    I intend to add logging to the firmware soon, and the the print duration will be one of the things that is logged.

    Also I intend to make the simulation facility easier to use.

  • I see that problem when change from ramps. If I don't have a device with dwc running can't see the status of the last print. When connect a new decide the stats go to zero, and the home axis are lost.

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