Meshlevel.g help needed please!

  • Hi all,

    I am using a BLtouch on a corexy printer. I can home Z fine with it but am trying to set up mesh bed levelling. I have seen people using a meshlevel.g file that I didn't have. Can anyone tell me how the firmware knows how to use this file as if I omit the M557 command from my config.g the web interface puts up an error message.


  • Hey Shaun.

    Having just been through this process myself and seemingly cracked it last night I can try and help.

    If you've not done so already, upgrade to the latest 1.91 firmware as it fixed my issue with the G29 command not extending the BLTouch to start probing.

    You do need a meshlevel.g file and a line in your bed.g file also to define a grid, or else as you have seen the interface complains.

    I'm out today, but I can post up my settings this even or tomorrow for you to look at.

    Definitely upgrade the firmware though, after I'd read the notes and reversed my Y stepper motor as advised my levEllington works.


  • Cheers Ian that would be great - I am going to pick up an ad card reader today so I can update to the new firmware today.


  • Hey Shaun.

    Sorry for the delayed reply buddy, was out yesterday.

    Let me have your email address and I can send you the zipped files from my Duet & Hypercube setup if you still want them?



    Thanks so much buddy

  • Sent buddy

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