Print out autoprobe results

  • Is there any way to view the results obtained from autoprobing?

    I can view the individual heights with M122 (or add M114 after each line of bed.g), but is there any way to view the least-squares fit values? At the moment the autoprobing only works if I apply blue painter's tape, and I would like to run autoprobing, put the values into my config.g, and then peel the cursed tape off and run without autoprobing. It would also be handy to be able to keep an eye on the fitted values, since if they're changing then something suspicious is happening to my printer.

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    How about probing with a sheet of paper laid on top of the bed? The paper needs to be flat and heavy enough so that it sits flat on the bed. Then you can remove it to print. You can allow for the thickness of the paper by adding it to the Z parameter in the G31 command in config.g.

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    PS - if you have a PC connected via USB, then you can see some output from the auto calibration process by enabling debug for module Move, which you do by sending M111 S1 P4.

  • Is it possible to direct the debug output to the web interface as well? The G-code console pane makes a pretty decent log.

  • Ah, it looks like I can get the information I want with M665 and M666 - they report the best-fit autoprobed values.

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    No, it's to USB only at present.

  • I haven't tried to see the debug output from USB, but it would be nice to have an easy access to a more detailed autoprobing information.

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