Favourite Build Prep and Simulation Software?

  • Hi All,

    I've been coming back into regular use of these machines after break away in early 2014. My previous build pre software of choice was Repetier-Host using Slic3r. I'm now keen to see what is the current favourites. I'm considering Slic3r or Cura for the build/g-code preparation.

    In addition is there some software available that would give a more accurate estimation of build time taking in to account machine settings such as jerk, acceleration, and maximum speeds?


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    I will shortly release a test firmware version 1.19+2 which includes a revised and easier to use simulation facility. This allows you to run a simulation of printing the file, which runs about 30 50 times faster than printing the file does and tells you the print time excluding heating.

  • Thanks for letting me know, that will be useful. Have you any recommended links or reading for getting an understanding of the path planning and look ahead that goes on after the Duet has read the build instructions? Yes I appreciate I could delve into the code but I'm not very familiar with the source code at the moment!

    I think I remember it being said the 1.19 was going to be the last major release to support the Duet 0.6. Will all of the minor releases up until the next major release support the 0.6?

  • …and I meant to double check about bed compensation.

    When the system detects that the bed's normal is not parallel to the z-axis I assume that the g-code is effectively rotated in x and y axis to suit?

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