Can anyone explain the meshlevelling procedure for 1.19?

  • Hi all,

    I have a corexy printer using a bltouch. I can home the z axis fine, and also run a g29 command without any problems. I find this strange as I do not have either a bed.g or a meshlevel.g file (my M557 is in config.g) What I am asking is what role to these two files have in the mesh levelling procedure under 1.19 as I would like to alter the point at which the probe deploys in the sequence


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    The bed.g file is used for G32 bed probing, nowadays used mostly for calibrating delta printers and doing leadscrew or levelling screw adjustment on other printers.

    G29 does not need any files to run. You just need to configure the grid using M557, and the Z probe parameters using M558 and G31.

    However, some users have either put the G29 commands in bed.g or in an ordinary macro file e.g. meshlevel.g so that they can do other things as part of the same sequence.

    HTH David

  • Thanks David that makes sense. Where do the the homing speed etc parameters used when the duet is performing the g29 come from, is it homez?


  • Homing speed should be defined within your homeall.g/homez.g/etc. Other probing speed parameters are set with M558

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