Mini height sensor board

  • if im reading the right instructions , the wire conector i just paid for to come with my Mini height sensor board, is wrong, it came with 3 wires together both ends but the directions say to hook up , OUT pin on the sensor should be connected to the AD12 or IN pin on the probe connector. Leave the AD14 or PC10 or MOD pin on the probe connector unconnected{ my problem i think is the MOD pin is in the middle so how am i sopose to hook up this three wire conector to 4 pins with one in the middle not being used.

  • If you mean the IR sensor, then yep, thought the same thing. You have to cut the Duet end and replace the connector. Did you purchase from Filastruder here in the states or somewhere else?

  • yes filastruder

  • wired and working, just cut connector end wire off and plugged in on end.


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