Help: Error: Short-to-ground on drivers 2

  • Have just disconnected and reconnected my twin Z motors to put into new mounts.

    Now get this error, have checked, there is no short to ground, in fact the opposite, showing, Open Circuit, 3M, 3M, Open on inner Z connector and 3M,O/C,3M,O/C on outer connector.

    Also checked motor, no shorts

  • Forget it, sorry, found out it was the cables, I had used two temp cables to test and they were wired differently, even though they were proper stepper cables.

    Additional Q though, if I have two 1.5A motors on the twin Z connectors what is the recommended current setting in config?

  • administrators

    The Z motor connectors are wires in series, so I suggest 1 to 1.2A.

    Sadly different stepper motor manufacturers use different pinouts.

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