Berd Air super cooler?

  • Has anyone given it a thought to cool the air coming out of your compressor?

    What I am thinking is:

    Outlet from compressor to flexible hose.

    Flexible hose to a wound piece of copper tubing that is in an ice filled bucket of (salted) water.

    Copper tubing then connected to another piece of flexible hose.

    Hose connected to a water separator.

    Separator connected to the hose that runs to your Berd Air system.

    I am sure the amount of air needed could be cut in half or if your system doesn't quite flow enough air, the cooled air would help immensely.

  • Also, what about a PWM valve? I don't know what a Berd Air system runs pressure wise, but I don't think it could be very much. The valve wouldn't need to be very powerful to hold what little air pressure is behind it. If needed, an SSR/mofset could be used on the fan PWM to feed a full 12/24/110/240 from the PSU/Mains if needed.

  • I can imagine an 8 point system that directs air at the filament depending on which way the nozzle is traveling. Always blowing air on the trailing side. If the air was cold enough, could end up needing really tiny nozzles.


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