No wifi. Why?

  • Hi I'm new and trying to upgrade my FT-5 to run with a Diamond Hotend.
    I have updated firmware, made a setup in webconfigurator and put it in the sys directory on the SD-Card etc. but can't get any WiFi connection to work, what's wrong?

    m552 s0
    SENDING:M552 S0
    Setting hotend temperature to 1.000000 degrees Celsius.
    WiFi module started
    Error: Failed to initialise WiFi module, code -10
    [ERROR] Error: Failed to initialise WiFi module, code -10

  • administrators

    Sounds like you have upgraded the main firmware to 1.19 but not the WiFi firmware. The upgrade to 1.19 is different from most firmware upgrades. See

    What you need to do now is create the /www folder (or delete all files and directories from the old one) and unzip the DuetWebControl files to it, also copy DuetWiFiServer-1.19.bin into /sys and rename it to DuetWiFiServer.bin. Then send M997 S1 from USB or PanelDue to install the new WiFi firmware.


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