Hotend does not stop anymore since update 1.19 + 3

  • Hello everyone,
    Since I made the update in 1.19 + 3, my hotend stays on at the end of a print, whereas before this update my hotend switches to 0 ° by itself at the end of its printing cycle .
    I have absolutely nothing to change in the end script.
    I put my script on you if you see anything.

    • "G28 ; Home all axes
      M140 S0 ; Set Bed Temperature
      M84 ; Stop idle hold
      G1 E-3 ; Remove 3.00mm of material
      M104 S0 ; Set Extruder Temperature
      M106 S0 P0 ; Stop Fans Print"

    Thank you for all the work produced around this card which is truly amazing.

  • administrators

    Thanks for your report. As a temporary workaround, if you put a M400 command before the M104 command then it should work.

  • Thanks David
    That was the solution it works.
    thank you
    Good work


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