Optional e3d V6

  • I am just about to order the seemingly wonderful smart effector but look as I might I can't seem to find the answer to one particular question. So, at the risk of asking something obvious and in so doing looking a bit stupid, is the optional e3d V6 for 1.75mm or 3mm filament? There, I've said it…......

  • I haven't heard anyone mention 3mm filament. It is just the heatsink that you are getting, so not sure that it would matter anyways.

  • the heatsink is included. You can optionally add the rest of the V6, which is what i did and the one i got is 1.75. I dont see any options for 3, so i think they are all 1.75. though i could be mistaken and it could be a possible option, i just know the one i got is 1.75.

  • Thank you muchly for the swift replies. That is essentially what I had assumed but nice to find out for sure.


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