CoreXY web control?

  • I am just getting my CoreXY going. I have started with the CoreXY example /sys directory. The first thing I'm wondering about is if the manual web control buttons are supposed to work correctly with CoreXY. Things seem to work correctly using the simple command line tests in the FAQ for CoreXY. Things seem to move where and how they should. But the web interface buttons are another kettle of cod. The X and Y buttons both move things in both axis, and the Z seems to lurch briefly as well. Are the buttons controlled by settings in config.g or somewhere else? At the moment you can't move in just one axis.

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    Yes the jog buttons do work properly on CoreXY printers. If trying to move just X or just Y results in both motors moving, then either only one of the X and Y motors is working (you can test them with G1 S2 commands as described at, or there isn't a valid M667 command in config.g to put the firmware into CoreXY mode.

  • I hate to say it, but neither of those are the case. All three motors (XYZ) can be tested with G1 S2 commands. And there is an M667 CoreXY command. I used the CoreXY sample directory and just changed the build volumes to 300x300x300. The X buttons move the carriage on one diagonal and the Y buttons the other.

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    Try building a new config.g file and homing files using That sample file may be out of date.

  • I found a second M667 that was the culprit. Thanks, I'm getting up to speed.


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