Thank you Duetguys !!

  • David, Tony and other Duettiers,

    I finally did my first test print. What a difference with my Marlin/MKS board combination.
    Same g-code but the quality of this print is amazing!
    Bedleveling works super good. Homing and printing. No worries!

    Installed this in a heavily modified Folgertech FT5.
    Electronics enclosure (Powersupplies, duetwifi and some other stuff) is in aluminum with a PC-backpanel. No issues with wifi connections.
    I also rewired the whole printer.

    So now some more printing and then I will document my setup for other users.

    Thank you for the product AND the excellent support!


  • administrators

    Thanks you for your kind words. I'm glad it is working well for you, that makes our effort worthwhile!

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