I think I have a failing motor driver??

  • Hi Guys, My last dozen or so prints on one of my Duetwifi machine started loosing steps on the feeder motor. I replaced the motor just to see if that could be the problem as it has a few thousand hours on it but did the exact same thing with the new motor. I replaced the whole end effector with one from another printer known to work great with the same motor skipping. Keep in mind it is not stripping out the filament it's more like a loss of current going to the motor? My thought is that I have a motor driver chip failing? Could you please give me your thoughts? I have only needed 1 amp for this motor. I am also thinking that if it is the driver I could remap to my E1 to my motor since I do not have duel extruder on this machine? Do you know where in the setup config I could do the swap?

    Thanks for the help Buddies!

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    It's unlikely that the driver is failing, although it's possible but unlikely that one of the pins of the driver is not properly soldered to the PCB. More likely is that you have a bad crimp connection in the cable between the Duet and the motor.

    If you want to use the E1 driver for your single extruder, one option is to put this command in config.g, before the M906 and any other motion-related commands:

    M584 X0 Y1 Z2 E4

    If the extruder motor runs backwards, change S0 to S1 or vice versa in the M569 P4 command.

    HTH David

  • Well, David, you were correct in that the motor driver is all good!! I am embarrassed to say all of my problems were due to a clogged nozzle. I even when as far as taking the clogged nozzle and installing to my second end effector. Uuuggg Funny how you don't know what you don't know. In over 3 years printing nearly every day I had never experienced a clog or partial clog. Yikes, I was extruding maybe 60% just enough to make me think something else had gone awry. Thanks again for the help! I love my Duetwifi"s!!!

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