An idea from my rebel phase…

  • I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, just had a flashback last night…

    A long long time ago, before I had kids responsibility or just common sense, I purchased a sports car, nothing fancy but it had style and good acceleration...

    I modified it, had a blast, showed off in front of the girls, redid the audio, passed better wires through the car and I added a switch to the sub woofer that allowed me to simply cut out the woofer. To do that I used a simple switch and the "pilot wire". I am writing it between "" since I am unsure if it's the proper term. Basically if the "pilot wire" was cut, there was nothing few to the woofer including power.

    Where that collides with the 3D printing... I am finishing (hopefully) a coreXY with a 0.8.5., I am planning to use a thermal fuse for the hotbed and I am wondering if we could use a "pilot wire" on our boards... connect that to a few thermal fuses and set them on a few "dangerous" location could possibly, IMO, increase greatly the safety of our printer.

    I might be wrong, we might even have that set up already. I just thought that it was worth a post.

  • Hi,

    What exactly do you mean by a "pilot wire" - never heard the term.


  • I too have no idea what a "pilot wire" is but we probably have what you want. Check out M581 Assuming your thermal fuses are simple switches, you could wire them in series and connect to a spare estop. Then set up M581 to carry out an emergency stop or some other action, if that input triggers. I do something similar with switches on all the axis maxima which prevents damage in the event that I do something stupid like try to send an axis beyond it''s maximum allowable travel before it's been homed.

  • I think he's referring to car audio amplifiers, which have a "remote" input, which acts to turn the amplifier on and off by supplying or not supplying some voltage.

  • "Pilote wire" was a term given to me by a friend… while the installation. but bot is correct.
    The M581 should allow what I want to do.

    Thanks you


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