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  • Is there data anywhere that tells you what the various colors mean on the backgrounds of the PanelDue heater controls and what the buttons are supposed to do? I've looked in the Wiki and the PanelDue instructions but can't find this information. In fact I've not been able to find PanelDue operational information at all, just how to connect it. I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

    Red: This seems pretty obvious - it means the associated heater is heating. However, there's also yellow and purple and I have no clue what they mean.

    Yellow: This means?

    Purple: The purple is particularly annoying. This is what you get when you've finished one print, and immediately try to start another before the hot end has cooled down fully. The hot end heater display immediately goes purple and the machine starts to print without heating. Cycling power makes no difference. The only way to print again is to wait until the hot end has cooled right down to room temperature. It seems odd that the system won't print correctly until everything is back at room temperature. It adds 20 minutes to every print run. Is there a way to override this?

    I'm running Duet 1.15c, both heaters have been PID tuned and are very stable.

    Thanks for the continued assistance.

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    Yellow means that the heater is on standby - normally seen only on multiple-nozzle machines.

    Purple means the heater is in an error state. There will be an associated message on the console page, You can clear it by sending M562 H# where # is the heater number. But it should not be getting into that state. Please upgrade to firmware version 1.15d and see if that fixes it.

  • This problem continues with 1.15d. If I try to start a new job before the hot end has cooled down then I immediately get a heater fault. Nothing is reported in either the PanelDue or Web console.

    If I then turn off the printer and turn it on again, the 'purple' heater fault pops up almost immediately, even without trying to start a print job. Looks like the system sees the hot end temperature is dropping (which of course it is as it's powered down) and triggers a fault. Again, no messages in either console. M562 also does nothing, no messages and no change to fault status.

    I think it triggers the fault when it sees the head has dropped about 5º, but I could be mistaken.

    I have to turn the machine off and let the head cool down to room temperature before being able to start another print job. Which works, but is less than optimal! 🙂

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    Have you tuned your heater yet?

  • Yes, both heaters tuned, and appear to be very accurate. These are the autotune settings in config.g

    [c]; Autotune PID settings
    M307 H1 A456.6 C213.3 D5.2
    M307 H0 A82.0 C442.9 D2.9[/c]

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    1. How much did you let the hot end heater cool down before you tried to start the new print job?

    2. When the heater fault occurs, please check again on the Console page of the web interface and PanelDue for the error message - it will be there, unless it has been overwritten by subsequent messages.

  • 1. Perhaps 50º, but the amount doesn’t seem to matter. It's the drop after you try to start printing that seems to trigger the fault.

    2a. I've always looked immediately after canceling the print. Nothing there other than the print cancel message.

    2b. As mentioned above, the heater fault comes up after a power cycle too. I've just tried this again, there is nothing in the console.

  • I know you are having problems duplicating this problem, and it could well be something dumb I've done in my configuration. This is what I see after cycling power when the hot-end is still warm. The display immediately goes purple, and there are no messages in the console. The only thing that works at this point is to go and have a cup of coffee until the head cools down to room temperature. 🙂

  • I just posted about this very same thing on the other thread about PID Auto tuning so I should have posted here. I'm getting the exact same problem with 115e. Definitely annoying to have to wait for the printer hot end to have to cool down to room temperature to restart a print.

    In regards to the panel due I also notice on your screen shots the active temperature set point is not displaying correctly like mine. I see when connected to the web console that the printer is heating correctly but if I went solely by what the panel due is showing I would be lead to believe the extruder is not heating along with the heated bed at the same time. This is not the case as the web console shows both heating simultaneously as I intend them to. So some data is not being read correctly by the panel due.

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    I guess the heater fault message is being sent before the PanelDue has finished connecting. Do you have a T0 command in config.g? If so, try removing it. Then reset the Duet while the hot end is hot and as soon as PanelDue has connected, press the hot end icon to send T0. If this triggers the fault then we should see the error message.

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    I can now reproduce that problem, but only by cycling power. Using the reset button or M999 never caused the problem.

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    Thus is fixed in the forthcoming 1.15f release. Meanwhile, you may be able to work around the issue by inserting command G4 P1000 before the T0 command at the end of config.g.

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