Highest safe temperature for a V6 E3D hotend

  • Considering my next project which include recycling and making my own filament.

    I have access to a lot used Lexan… so perfect for recycling... however, Lexan or polycarbonate have a really high melting point. From my web research, roughly 300C.

    Thanks you.

  • E3D V6 and Volcano are fit for at least 320°C. All metal hotends.
    The caveat is the thermistor. The standard thermistor is limited to something like 290°C.
    If you want to print PC (as I do), install a PT100. can handle up to 400°C.

    Take care that everything is well installed : use of a good thermal paste (I use arctic Silver) for the heatbreak in the heatsink, and a good fan. Also plastic components (partcooler shroud?)near the hotend need some attention for the heat (radiation). Covering the side to the hotend with some aluminum tape helps a lot.

  • Thanks you for your help.

  • This topic makes me wonder what the Silicon Sock is rated for too in terms of max temperature.


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