Webcam integration. URL not remembered/saved

  • Hi,

    I am running a mini Kossel with duet3d 1.19.2 and the wifi based webcam using RPi and pi-cam works a treat.

    What is the procedure for the system to remember the URL ?

    I can enter it on the web page under settings/user interface/webcam integration and the video stream appears on the print status page.

    However the URL is forgotten every time I restart a session, I have to type it in again.



  • Are you clicking on the apply settings button after entering the webcam URL?

  • Yes, clicking the apply button after entering the URL.

    I'm curious whether the URL is stored on the PC web browsing/cookie history, or on the Duet3D ?

  • I think that it may be on the PC since I just tried a different laptop and my cam and other settings didn't show up as they do on the computer that I usually use.

  • administrators

    It's stored on the PC. So it won't be remembered if you connect from an incognito browsing tab.

  • Thanks.


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