CoreXY XY travel parameters?

  • I'm getting my CoreXY to the point of tweaking the XYZ travel. If I have lets say an X mechanical travel and end stop at 340mm, and a bed dimension of 320mm, and a printable area of 300mm. How do I do my settings so for printing the full travel is reduced to 300mm? I want to use the extra 10mm bare aluminum bed perimeter for probing only. And the 300mm PEI printable area will be 3mm (ish) above the bare aluminum probe perimeter. The Y axis can be described the same as X obviously.


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    The travel limits for each axis are set by the M208 commands. There is no separate limit for printing, but you may be able to set one up in your slicer. Alternatively, set up the limits you want for printing using M208, and when you want to probe outside those limits, send M564 S0 to disable limit checking. Then M564 S1 to re-enable it afterwards.

  • Thanks for tips 🙂 So if the limit switches trigger 20mm past the bed in X and Y there is no way to specify the "real" limits on both the high and low ends? My X triggers on negative and my Y triggers on the positive end. I guess it's easy enough to restrict in the slicer. That or fix the mechanical trigger points.

    Now my bed thermistor in the heat pad is open circuit, but I'll get printing one of these days 😞


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