Number of probe points

  • In the 1.19 firmware release notes I see: "If you have more than 32 probe points in your bed.g file, you will have to reduce the number to 32". Is there a specific reason to decrease this number?

  • High memory usage

  • administrators

    That's right. Some of the new features in firmware 1.19 needed additional RAM so we had to free some up. Very few people use more than 16 points in bed.g.

  • Alright, thanks for the info.
    I recently started working on a program for generating a bed file with support for an unlimited number of probe points. (I think people seldom use more than 16 points in because the escher3d generator only supports up to 16)

  • administrators

    Mesh bed compensation (G29) allows up to 441 points on the generation 2 Duets and up to 121 on the first generation duets, and doesn't require the user to set up a bed.g file. So that's what we recommend people to use for bed compensation. The main purpose of G32 and bed.g now is for calibration of delta printers, and for leadscrew adjustment or bed leveling screw adjustment on other printers.


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