Duet Stepper Motor Connections and Power Supply

  • We recently bought Duet Wi-Fi as we making our own 3D printers.
    As shown in the Board Wiring diagram below, one motor can be connected to drive 0 which is X, one at drive 1 which is Y and two motors at drive 2 which is Z. Please find the attached image for our 3D printer design, where we have one X motor, one Z motor, and two Y motors. How can we interface the same with Duet Wi-Fi boar?

    And guide us on the maximum output current for the 12V-24V power supply to run the board efficiently with stepper motors, heated bed, and Panel Due.

  • administrators

    You can connect the two Y motors to the Z motor connectors and connect the single Z motor to the Y motor connector. Then use the M584 command in config.g to swap the Y and Z drivers over.

    For power supply sizing see https://duet3d.com/wiki/Choosing_the_power_supply.


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