Temp readings help

  • have a solidoodle I upgraded with duet wifi and e3d chimera. been working fine for alomst a year. all of a sudden the last print the board reset in the middle. cant connect via wifi. But I hooked up with repetier. t1 and the bed heats and cools like normal with normal readings. T2 is reading a constant 100'c no matter what. Ive swapped thermistors wires didnt make a difference but says both thermistors work still. Checked the VSSA fuse and it reads 3 ohms. Even with the thermistors unplugged the board reads 100'c I dont know what to check next

  • I would disconnect everything from the board and see if the reading is still wrong.

  • ok unplugged everything. t1 reads 0' t2 reads 100' still

  • any ideas?

  • I had a board which had been damaged and some of the thermistor channels would read fixed values no matter what I did with them (usually 2000 degC) but if you haven't had a short of other issue and vssa is not blown then that seems unlikely. How have you got your themistors etc.. configured?


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