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  • OK, I went through the process of replacing the Smoothieboard with the Duet Wifi, upgrading to 1.19.2, connected everything and calibrated machine (Core XY). I did the Upload & print, the file uploaded then nothing happened. I don't want to appear lazy but after 4 full days of getting things up and working I can't locate any kind of guide or instruction on how to use the printer to print. Please direct me to something that describes the printing process or provide a simple step by step process. I have several printers, most of them I designed and constructed, I have used several control boards and software, I draw my own 3D parts and have down loaded numerous items from Thingiverse. I am to the stage of printing my first part, just lost as what to do.

    So far I am very impressed with the Duet Wifi, thanks, a bit of a chore to set up but looks like it will be worth the effort. Stepper motors are very quiet, operator interface and setup are great. I did have an issue with homing after installing 1.19.2. I was operating x and y opposite of each other, but when I did a move on the x axis the y axis moved and it homed great. When I established x to x and y to y it wouldn't home (banged at the end switched like it was really pissed off), I switched the x and y steppers during the fix, I discovered the fix was to reverse the x and y homing switches on the board, don't know if this was the appropriate solution but things work now.

    Thanks in advance, Ed

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    Thanks for choosing the Duet WiFi. After the upload and print command, were there any error messages on the GCode Console page of Duet Web Control?

    Have you tested heating and extrusion?

  • Thanks for the prompt response, I have managed to get the machine to start printing. I was using Simplify 3D with no results, I tried Repetier and now have an active printer going through the motions. Now I can start tuning.

    Great controller and display, very pleased.

    Thanks, Ed

  • In S3D, I had to add M104 T0 and G28 to startup. M104 S0, M140 S0, G28, M84 to end script. Might give it a try.

  • I will give it a try, doing my first real print at time. looking good,needs tuning. Great controller, the only sound is from the fans. Seems just as smooth as my other printer with Clearpath servos and they are as smooth as silk.
    Thanks, Ed


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