My Beta board experiences

  • Got my Board last Monday though due to work commitments progress has been slow
    Got the WiFi set up straight away no issues at all.
    Got it all mounted and the Delta modified at the same time to move the Board inside the lower frame as per David's Kossel.
    PSU is still slung under the bottom plate as it was going to take to long to Re-Plan the whole layout (PSU is a 15 amp one so bit big).
    All wiring now completed and preliminary testing sorted.
    Hotend (E3D V6) Modified with new Heater Block 24V 40W heater and PT100 sensor (How nice are they)
    Got it all back together yesterday and did initial movement/heating testing but ran out of time to do any printing.
    Today ran the Calibration routines all ok but did need to move my second probe point (It was very near to a hole I had to drill in the Printbite in order to get a driver in to the Screws but all ok now
    needed to tweak the Z offset in the Config file to get first layer hight ok
    Ran a Calibration print tonight and all is great.

    One thing I have noticed (and I think this has been reported in the forum already) when doing a Config update from the DWC there appears to be some uncontrolled head movement one occasion the head crashed to the bed another it shot of to one side don't know why but this could be an issue as the printer is in a totally different room to the Computer.

    All in all I am very impressed with it more testing to be done but if more prints are like the first one I will be well happy (didn't get to swap the motors out so still on the 1.8's)

    One thing I can say is that I didnt appreciat how loud the steppers were before now you hardly hear them at all.

    Job well done David??

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    Thanks for the feedback! The next firmware update will I hope fix the issue that you and some others have reported regarding motor movement when DWC does a software reset - although I can't be certain because I have never observed it on my delta.

  • I had the uncontrolled head movement after I pushed the reset button, not specifically a software reset. Don't know if that helps diagnose anything.

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    Thanks Koko76, that helps to confirm my theory about what causes it.

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