Burned power input. How should I solder on the wires?

  • I've decided to solder on the power input wires after it burnt out.


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    Burned terminal blocks like that are invariably caused by the screws working loose. You should use either solid core wire, or stranded core wire properly crimped into ferrules. Stranded core wire in them without ferrules WILL become loose, and stranded core wire tinned with solder will become loose very quickly indeed, because the heat generated by the high current will cause creep.

    I guess you didn't read the warning about re-tightening the screws at https://duet3d.com/wiki/Power_wiring.

    There are better types of connection for power wiring such as this, but as they mostly cost around £5 per plug/socket set they are rarely used in consumer electronics.

  • Yes, you're almost certainly right, I suspected a loose terminal screw caused this. I re-tightened the screws after the first prints, no electrical issues for 4 months of use, then I stopped using it. Possible that after 6 months of disuse, the screws loosened on their own? This happened last week after I turned the machine on for the first time since March and set the bed and hotend to heat.

    Either way, would you be comfortable with this soldering job? Or should I find/make a better wire mounting solution?

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    As it looks like you have managed to remove the old terminal block without damaging the PCB, you might consider fitting a new terminal block. It's a standard size 32A one AFAIR.

    I suggest you check the PCB temperature in the vicinity of the soldered joints you have made when the heaters are running at full power.


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