Z endstop and bltouch ?

  • Hello
    im using the G29 cmd and want to have a removable bltouch
    is that posible ?

    for example i use the bltouchto create a level map on det sd card then i remove it
    next time when i start the print it will use the z endstop to find zero ?

    the BLtouch will be lower /closer to the bed so when the BL is attached then it will hit before the Z endstop

  • administrators

    Yes you can do that. Use an endstop switch for Z homing, and the bltouch for G29 S0 bed probing. Then you can load the height map subsequently using G29 S1.

    However, a bltouch is a bit complicated as a removable probe, you could use a simple microswitch instead.

  • Thanks !


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