Problems with firmware update.

  • Hi Please help.
    Printer control Duet wifi with Duex5. It was fine but i had started to get errors with my ir height sensor.
    I only update firmware now and then so I know i have made an error.
    Down loaded latest firmware, went to forum, as i don't like doing it from memory like the instructions in the back ground.
    went to web interface and loaded just the DuetWiFiFirmware.bin not the DuetWiFiServer.bin. at this point i expected the control to ask if it should update, it didn't? so in my wisdom i rebooted the control (bad move i think) it didn't reboot.
    So i moved on to Fallback procedure #1. followed the process for firmware put it back in control and sent it M115 and it reported back –----FIRMWARE_NAME: RepRapFirmware for Duet WiFi FIRMWARE_VERSION: 1.19+5 ELECTRONICS: Duet WiFi 1.0 + DueX5 FIRMWARE_DATE: 2017-08-30<lf>ok<lf>Error: Short-to-ground on drivers 3<lf>Error: Over temperature shutdown on drivers 3.--------
    Firstly I expected Duet WiFi FIRMWARE_VERSION: 1.19+4 not +5 secondly i have an error??? I thought o well i am using pontiface i had never used it before so i ignored it.
    I then went on to copy and install DuetWiFiServer.bin following Fallback procedure #1.
    powered up the control connected with a terminal and went through the wifi connection routine. Sent M552 it reports its connected to the correct sidd and correct IP address, but its not? so i reboot it.
    when i connect with a terminal it says its connected my routers says its not, and every time i connect to it from a terminal it gives me the error <lf>ok<lf>Error: Short-to-ground on drivers 3<lf>Error: Over temperature shutdown on drivers 3.
    can anyone help please.
    Where do i start to look????


  • administrators

    You should be installing official 1.19.2 firmware from, not expired pre-release versions. When you have installed DuetWiFiFirmware 1.19.2, install DuetWiFiServer 1.19.2. Then re-enter your WiFi network SSID and password as described in the upgrade notes.

    The error messages suggest that you may have either a motor wiring fault or a blown driver. With 1.18.2 and earlier firmware you might not have been aware of a blown driver that you were not using.

  • Hmm that's what you get for clinking on links, I thought the post had been put up today but it was put up in August and someone commented today.
    But that is not a problem any more I had a USB lead plugged in ( not normally there) the dog ran past when the door opened and took the lead and the usb socket with her. I don't suppose the usb is available on any of the pins any where? haven't had time to look yet.
    so it looks like back to 8 bits for a while well i save my penny's.
    Thanks for the response.

  • administrators

    The usb pins are not available on any other connectors, but you could connect the wires from a usb cable to other points on the board i.e the diode and the resistors that the socket was connected to. Alternatively, you could connect a USB to serial converter to the PanelDue connector and use that.


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