Bowl instead of even layer

  • Hi folks
    In the past the forum helped me solving some problems, thanks therefore.
    Today I´ve another problem calibrating my Kossel XL.
    The plan was to adjust the extruder height in the positions immediately in front of each pillar. Theoretically I define an even layer, which provides all the same height at each XY position over the heat bed. But that was just theory. Real life teaches me, that the even layer is more or less bowl shaped, so the center touches the heat bed.
    I´m sure, there is a special command which is used to make a correction and I´m also very sure, many of you know this command, well I don´t.
    So please could you help me?


  • How exactly did you do?

  • Hi,

    Did you run the bed calibration procedure?

    One of the parameters it adjusts controls the flatness of the movement.


  • administrators

    The delta radius needs to be calibrated. See With 1.19 firmware and Duet Web Control, you can even run auto calibration without a Z probe, by setting probe type 0 (parameter P0) in the M558 command in config.g.


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