Confirmation on wiring for a 2nd Z axis stepper motor

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    When I bought the duet wifi, I thought I read that to add an incremental Z axis, you plugged the second stepper motor into the connector in front of the current Z axis. I saw some postings from a little while ago here on the forum where it says that this is not the way to setup the 2nd Z drive, and that it should be setup to use the 2nd Extruder driver.

    I just installed the dual Z axis kit on my Tevo Tarantula and it is currently connected to the 2nd Z plug beside the first one (serial connection I think) and before I fire it up and try to home it, or anything like that, I want to be sure I am not going to damage my main board.

    I would appreciate knowing whether or not I need to change my wiring and perhaps a link to the setup instructions if that change to E1 is required.



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    We provide two series-connected Z motor connectors so that you can connect two Z motors that way and keep the E1 output free for a second extruder. This is the simplest way to connect them.

    However, it's also possible to connect the second Z motor to the E1 motor output instead. If you do this then you must use the M584 command in config.g to specify which outputs the motors are connected to. If you have a Z probe, you can also set up the firmware to level the bed in one direction by driving the two Z motors independently. This is useful, because otherwise the dual Z motors may get slightly out of sync when power the printer off and on again, and over time this can build up to the point at which they need to be re-synced manually.

  • Thanks dc42. I am still waiting for the ir sensor to arrive (as well as the duet display), so I am in manual mode for leveling the bed at the moment.

    Thanks for explaining the posts that I read about using the E1 output. I may use that in the future, but for now I'm taking the path of least complexity until I get this printer set up.


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