Fine tune first layer (Wish List)

  • Wow, I really like the Duet Wifi and 7 inch touch screen. There is one thing on my wish list, a way to fine tune the first layer. I find the IR sensor is very accurate much more then the BL Touch which I was using before. My main issue with the BL Touch was repeatability accuracy, the IR sensor seems to be right on every time, great.

    Anyway I fine tune my first layer by rotating the Z axis motor, it is attached with a friction plate which allows me to rotate it to dial in the first layer thickness. It works great except when I forget to return it to it's zero position, I have to compensate every time the printer homes. Micro stepping doesn't allow me to move the head below 0.

    I would like to have the ability to adjust the first layer thickness (above and below 0) with micro stepping and have a "button" to enter and save the Z position for future prints. Maybe I am over simplifying the process, but I find the process of adjusting the Z position very complicated especially with .01 and .1 mm accuracy.

    Thanks, Ed

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    The baby stepping facility is provided for exactly that purpose, however the amount of baby stepping is not saved for future prints. You can access the baby stepping buttons from the Print pages of Duet Web Control and PanelDue if your software versions are up to date.

  • Thanks for the very prompt reply, I have been using the baby stepping buttons and first thanks for locating them in a convenient location, easy access. My z axis is almost right on, just a little high at 0 but the micro stepping will not let me take it below 0 to get the first layer thickness where I want it. When I reduce the setting in config.g "G31" I am having trouble finding the right spot and end up dragging the nozzle across the glass bed. My mechanical adjustment lets me compensate very nicely, I am just looking for a simpler way of doing the same thing.

    I have used most every board and system out there and the Duet Wifi is by far my favorite, thanks.


    PS my printer is just next to me in the middle of a print and the only sound is the two fans that cool the part, very nice. I use Teknic Clearpath servos on my other printer which are just as quiet, nice job getting stepper noise down. I can bring my printer in from the garage without disturbing the house hold. My next project is to replace the Smoothieboard on that printer.

  • you can use the M208 command in your Config.g to allow Z to go negative

    M208 Z0 S1 ; Set minimum Z

    so use something like

    M208 Z-0.2 S1 ; Set minimum Z

  • Thanks, I am printing a long print, bracket for 7 inch screen. I will give it a try when done.

    I did read the M208 instructions but didn't really understand what it does. Make sense now.

    Thanks, Ed


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