Display buttons and icons

  • I have had my Duet Wifi and 7 in panel for about two weeks, getting the system dialed in and very pleased with the results.

    I have seen a video where someone has a different screen setup, I would like to remove the extra hot end icons, I only use one and may add some buttons for macros or my own setup for the print screen. How is this done? Is there a WIKI or instructions?

    Thanks, Ed

  • administrators

    PanelDue firmware versions 1.16 and 1.17 in conjunction with Duet firmware 1.18 and later remove the extra nozzle icons when the Duet tells PanelDue how many tools there are. So you probably need to update some firmware.

  • OK I upgraded Duet to1.19.2. PanelDue still as I received it. Will upgrade.

    Thanks, Ed


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