Pronterface inconsistent error

  • I've recently acquired a think3dprint3d kit from a family member who bought it on a whim. Got it built, flashed the firmware, but having to run it over usb as it's not a wi-fi board and my router is right by the front door…

    Got it mostly working but for some commands through pronterface I'm getting an error message:

    [ERROR] Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "printrun\printcore.pyc", line 241, in _readline
    File "printrun\pronterface.pyc", line 1713, in recvcb
    File "printrun\pronterface.pyc", line 1669, in update_pos
    ValueError: could not convert string to float:

    Sometimes the command seems to work, sometimes it doesn't….

    This is the first printer I've had, totally new to this. Thoughts?

    Also, I've no idea what I'm meant to be doing through the supplied files for setup, and the t3p3 documentation doesn't seem to cover tethered setup. Sorry if I've missed something.

    • Bill

  • administrators

    You are missing a lot by not using the web interface. Can you connect the Duet to your PC or laptop using an Ethernet cable?

    Pronterface seems to be extremely fussy about the data format in gcode responses sometimes. Sadly there is no documentation for what it wants to see.

  • Ok, so should I focus on trying to get connection via ethernet over getting pronterface/another usb tethered program working?

    I'm currently following t3d3's instructions ( are there a different set you'd recommend?

    Thanks for fast reply 🙂

  • Seems one of the ethernet ports (pc or duet) isn't working, getting a 'no cable connected' message from the ethernet network setup. I assume this means it's a pc problem? no lights are being lit on either port though

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    Have you sent M552 S1 to enable networking? If so then you may need to use a crossover Ethernet cable instead of a normal one.

  • I'll try the crossover. Thanks for all the help 🙂

  • Ok, tried the crossover and sending M552 S1. The ethernet port still isn't lighting up on either the pc or the duet…

    M552 was showing networking active with address do i need to set the address manually maybe?

  • administrators

    Yes if you are connecting it to a PC instead of to a router then you need to set the IP address. But I think the LEDs should light up anyway if you have the correct cable.

  • I think the duet's ethernet port must have been damaged at some point (possibly in transit from family member to me), neither my laptop, nor my desktop with either the crossover ethernet cable or either of the other two cables i have in the house make any connection lights on any of the ethernet ports (duet/pc/laptop) light up. The laptop port definitely functions as I can connect to the router through it.

    Can't afford to replace the board. Could I resolder the connections? or is it probably too fiddly?

    Until that's resolved, what's the best way to use the printer via usb? Is there a less fussy option than pronterface?

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    If the Duet is quite old, then the most likely cause of the problem is that the PHY chip isn't adequately soldered to the PCB. When this happens, using hot air rework equipment to reflow it sometimes fixes the problem. Otherwise the PHY chip needs to be replaced.


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