Power connector

  • Can I get a part number for the connector that supplies power to the effector. The 6 pin guy, as well as for the pin inserts themselves? I had a pin shake loose yesterday and it's causing problems, I'd like to redo that whole thing. A link for a US supplier would work too!

    Thanks as always!

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    It's a Molex Microfit 3 connector, available from all the usual electronic component distributors. I don't have the part numbers with me, but hopefully Tony will be along to post them and add them to the wiki page shortly.

  • The Microfit-3-compatible 6-way connector supplied with the Smart Effector kit is actually Wurth component 662006113322 and the crimps are Wurth 66200413722DEC. The Molex equivalents are housing 43025-0600 and crimps 43030-0001, available from DigiKey, Mouser and others. Note that the crimps are not cross-compatible - you need to use Molex crimps with Molex housings and Wurth with Wurth. I think TE Connectivity also does a similar plug/crimps.

  • Thanks guys, ordered a few backups of the Wurth variety.


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