Issues with Firmware Retraction?

  • A few months ago I tried firmware retraction, and it seemed to work as intended I went back to doing retraction in S3D for reasons I can't remember.

    Today I enabled it again, and it is not working correctly. No matter what value I set F and T to, it seems to retract and unretract at about 60mm/min (1mm/s). My gcode is very clean - just a G10 and G11 and everything else looks boring:

    G1 X-4.843 Y-80.980 E0.0357
    G1 X-4.168 Y-81.400 E0.0357
    G1 X-3.120 Y-82.312 E0.0624
    G1 X-2.969 Y-82.443 F4800
    G10; retract
    G1 X-3.208 Y-82.766 F12000
    G11; unretract
    G1 X-2.480 Y-83.219 E0.0385 F4800

    Then I thought I'd check to see what was being stored after my M207, and was surprised to see this:

    >M207 S1 R1 F1000 T1000 Z1
    Retraction/un-retraction settings: length 1.00/2.00mm, speed 1000/1000mm/min, Z hop 1.00mm

    Unretract is 2 where I asked for 1. I did some experimenting and found that unretract was being set to the sum of S + R.

    Now that doesn't explain my retraction speed issue, but it does point to something not being quite right in the firmware retraction code, so I thought I'd ask around here to find out if I'm doing something wrong or if there's a problem (probably the former since I don't see anyone else with this issue).

    I'm running firmware 1.19+3. Will update to the latest to see if that helps…

  • Slow speed was a gcode error (my search-and-replace script in S3D wasn't complete).

    So that just leaves the mystery of why [c]M207 S1 R1[/c] sets R to 2.

  • administrators

    From the M207 entry on the Gcode wiki page:

    Snnn positive length to retract, in mm
    Rnnn positive or negative additional length to un-retract, in mm

    So it's doing exactly what it is supposed to.


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