Nimble mount…

  • So has anyone (Lykle?) come up with a bracket to fit this above a nimble yet? I'm trying to conjure one now, and finding it awkward?

  • to fit what above a nimble Simon

  • filament monitor.. sorry i posted this in the filament monitor forum…

  • Ah did wonder but there is nothing to actually show which sub section it is in Ah I see it now totally missed that info
    I think I will be fitting onewhere the filament enters my feed tube know it isn't the best place but think it will be ok there and until we actually have one it will be hard to do anything ref a mount anyway


    Hopefully meet up at TCT on the 27th

  • Yes that would be great.

    I am printing a mount now but its a bit rough and ready..

  • Well got there in the end. Mounted now to wire it up and play.. but first many things to print 😞

  • administrators

    Ahh cool looking good - how does it work?

  • Haven't got that far yet.

  • how does it impact on the breach looks like it may be tight in there especially for fat figures like mine

  • Not too bad, but not quite as easy to load. You could mount it higher up, probably have to reinforce my mount somewhat. Will post the mount when I'm not on my phone.

  • I wired it up but haven't yet calibrated it, but it reads the angle so it's working.

    One thing might be worth doing is just stating which wire is which on the filament monitor PCB. The silkscreen is obscured by the 3 pin connector so isn't easy to read.

    EDIT - I probably should explain that this is necessary for me as I don't use Molex plugs but use standard DuPont "endstop leads" and they are not polarised, but they are readily available, cheap and I have a great many of them lying around.

  • moved to another thread not mount related.

  • Okay so the mount broke, it's too thin, in the area of the ring that attaches it to the Nimble under the drive cable. So I have added a spar to see if it helps and will try it again. Will post it if it works.


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