Z speed when probing

  • Is there a way to adjust the z speed that is used to move the head away from the bed when using grid auto leveling G31? I know you can set the probe speed, and the travel speed, but I’d also like to adjust the speed that the head moves away from the bed before it moves to the next point. Why? Well it just happens to hit a resonance on my printer so that short move is very noisy. I can’t work out what speed it is using.

  • I think to save bytes of gcode the firmware assumes a move with no speed attached occurs at the speed of the last move, the probing sequence as you said above has configurable speed parameters, so set a short move before probing and specify a speed that avoids the resonance.

  • administrators

    I think it occurs at either the max Z speed or the Z probe travel speed, but I'd need to check.

  • It’s very quick so you are probably right that it’s the max Z speed. I’ll try changing that.


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