Movement after printing

  • After printing my first calibration cube, my hotend moved down into the print.
    where could I fix this?

  • You haven't given us much to go on but my best guess would be that in the end gcode of the slicer, you have something like a G1 Znnn that moves the print head up (or the bed down) but it has been set as an absolute move rather than relative. So instead of moving say 5mm up from where it was, it tries to move to Z=5 (i.e 5mm above the bed).

    Moves in slicer generated gcode tend to be absolute - i.e with reference to Z=0 rather than with reference to the last position, so to move say 5mm, you need to first change to relative move, do the move, then change back to absolute. So you'd want to have something like:

    G91; set relative positioning
    G1 Znnn Fnnn ; move nnn mm
    G90; go back to absolute positioning.

    My best guess is that the G91 is missing but as I said, you've provided very little information on which to base any opinion.

  • Sorry about the lack of details…
    I thought that I had inverted a Z-5 with a Z5 somewhere in the config. or elsewhere...

    the End G-code that I have is here:

    M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
    G1 Z15 F500 ; Lift Z
    G28 X0 ; home X axis
    M84 ; disable motors

    I will try with G91 and G90

  • Is this a Delta or Cartesian?

    But anyway, without the G91 command to change it it to relative positioning, the G1 Z15 F500 is going to send the Z to 15mm above Z=0 and not 15mm above where it was at the end of the print. So if your printed object is more than 15mm high, bad things are going to happen.

  • I have a CoreXY
    Thanks for the correction on the G91

  • Everything works perfectly now thanks you for your assistance

  • Glad to help and glad you got it sorted.

  • I thought that I had found a way to correct the crashing into the print, but it didn't work on my test print…
    I did the print, it was pretty good but then crashed down on the chimney. I had to cut the power to safe the rest of the print…

    Is there anywhere in the config or other .g files where we can config movement after the end of printing?

  • To configure movement at the end of the print it's the end gcode of your slicer that needs editing. That's what it does - movement at the end of the print. No other .g files will be able to control movement at the end of the print because none of them "know" when a print has finished.

    How come it worked then didn't? Maybe you didn't save the changes? Or did you just edit one particular gcode print file? If that was the case then as I said, you need to edit the end gcode of the slicer so that it puts the correct G91 into everything you slice. Don't forget, after you've put the necessary changes into the end gcode of the slicer, you'll have to re-slice every stl you've done up to that point (or manually edit them).

  • I have no idea from where the movement was, but I reinstalled the config files and now it's not there anymore


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