Getting model details into Duet web server when using Cura

  • Apologies if this isn't 100% to do with Duet hardware/firmware… but it is a minor problem I encounter when using Duet & the DWC.

    When I slice a model in Slic3r and ship it to the Duet, all the model information is displayed in the DWC screen (time & date of creation, model size, print progress, and so on). However, if I use Cura none of this info is displayed. I am assuming that this info is all the stuff that's commented out at the end of Slic3r's G-code, but there isn't an equivalent list of data at the end of Cura's code.

    Basically, does anyone know if it is possible to turn this info on in Cura? Is there some magic setting that I can't find?


    Note: The G-code from both slicers works correctly and I get good models from both, so it's just the lack of info I'm concerned with.

  • Hi, recent versions of Cura do have the info you require. What version are you using?

  • I'm on v15.04.6 running on Linux Mint.

    Maybe I need to go and see if there's an update! 🙂

  • Yes, that's quite old.

  • I've just updated to version 2.7.0 - yes, I was that far behind!

    I will soon see if it behaves nicely…


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