Calibration and setup help needed!

  • Hi all!
    I've taken forever to get my project up to this point, but I could really use some help right now.
    I'm using the Duet wifi on a Core XY machine, using Oyvind Haga's version of Config.g for a D-bot. Most of the setup went very well, but I'm having a tough time calibrating the IR sensor (using buildtak black, if that helps) It sees the bed just fine, and running through Mr. Crocker's Calibration procedure about 5 times now, I still don't have it right. My latest Head position height that I tried was around .16 mm, nowhere near what David said it should be in his blog. So I tried these values in my config.g, and no luck. The bed keeps rising past the nozzle height and stalls out without homing z. I fudged the numbers for the last time and told my G31 command in config.g that it was .5. Still no change. Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something? Running Firmware 1.19.2 Server version 1.19.2 and web interface 1.19.
    Thanks to everyone in advance.

  • What do you have for M558 and G31 in config.g?

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    Have you set up the homing files to use the Z probe for homing, or are they set up to use a Z endstop switch instead? See #1 at

  • Thanks so much for this, David! I just looked over my homez.g and think that's the answer! I'll try it out tonight when I get home!


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