CoreXY movement issue

  • My printer has been working for a few days,

    I am finally able to print, learning about PETG, but last night … something really weird happened...

    IMO, doesn't mean that I am right, my printer is switching from M667 S1 to something else...

    On the video, you will see (2) Home All & (1) Bed calibration

    • home X = smooth CoreXY movement

    • home Y = staggered movement and strong noise

    • HomeZ = smooth CoreXY movement

    • Second Home All = same thing

    • Bed calibration = staggered movement and strong noise
    The noise is from the motor skipping the GT2 belt.

    I used to get that issue rarely when I would start the printer, all I had to do was a reset and then everything was working…

    Any one knows what this could be and how to fix it?


  • My house and (or) board are (is) seriously haunted…
    I restarted my printer and now it seems to be working perfectly...


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