IDEX Quad Extruder and Y & Z-axis' External Driver

  • Hello All!

    I need help. I'm designing a 3D printer and looking at the Duet3d controller board.


    The 3D printer I'm making will need make use of nema 23 motors for both the Y-axis (forward and backward) and Z-axis (up and down).
    For each axis stated above, two stepper motors are needed all of which having current rating more than internal drivers can handle.


    It will have two independent X-carriages. each carriage will be a dual extruder system.

    Though the designing stage is still not complete, I will need help.
    Using more extruder means having to use the duex 2 or 5. But I need the 50pin expansion to route Pulse and Direction signal wires to the 4 external drivers for the Y-axis and Z-axis.

    Is there a way for me to do so?

    Many Thanks in advanced!
    Abdul Lutfi

  • administrators

    It's not hard to find Nema 23 motors that the Duet can drive directly. Choose motors with a 2.4A to 3.0A current rating. Then you can use a Duet + DueX5 to do everything. I regularly test Duets with 2.8A Nema 23 motors.

    If you want to use 4 external drivers and a total of 4 extruders, there are a few ways of doing it:

    • Add your own circuitry to drive 2 extruder heater mosfets from 2 of the heater pins on the expansion connector
    • Or use a DueX2 which gives you the 2 extra heater outputs. You can still connect external drivers to the 3 sets of control pads for the not-present drivers on the DueX2, and 2 drivers to the CONN_LCD connector.

  • Hello!

    I had a bit of confusion on which one to use. Thank You so Much of the Quick Reply!!!

    I will need help in configuration soon…. Anyways, Many thanks for enlightening me.

    Many Thanks,
    Abdul Lutfi


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