Bed Leveling Issue / Delta

  • Hello,

    i recently upgraded my Tevo Little Monster with the DuetWifi + Duex2 + DC42 IR probe combo the printing quality is stunning, but I'm forcing a issue with the bed leveling… Below few details of my configuration from config.g and bed.g:

    M558 P1 X0 Y0 Z0 H5 F200 T6000 R0
    G31 P500 X0 Y0 Z2.51
    M557 R160 S20

    G30 P0 X0.00 Y160.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P1 X102.85 Y122.57 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P2 X157.57 Y27.78 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P3 X128.85 Y-74.39 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P4 X48.42 Y-133.03 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P5 X-48.42 Y-133.03 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P6 X-128.85 Y-74.39 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P7 X-157.57 Y27.78 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P8 X-102.85 Y122.57 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P9 X0.00 Y80.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P10 X69.28 Y40.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P11 X59.61 Y-34.42 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P12 X0.00 Y-62.75 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P13 X-59.61 Y-34.42 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P14 X-69.28 Y40.00 Z-99999 H0
    G30 P15 X0 Y0 Z-99999 S6

    The probing radius for both G32 and G29 is 160mm, the overall max size of the heatbed is 340mm. The IR probe is located around 22mm in front of the nozzle tip and 1mm above. Heatbed is a kind of black ceramic glass with a silicone heater below glued directly to the glass. Below the hight map after running the bed leveling G32 and G29 several times:

    when probing all G30 points from bed.g manually value is repeating for each point withing 0.01 but mostly it is stable. When printing the first layer is always too far away on the right top corner not matter I do repeating the G32 leveling several times or adding to my gcode G29 S1 after the G32 has no really effect on this corner, a close picture of the first layer left and right corner (e3d volcano nozzle 0.6mm / first layer hight 0.3mm / speed 25mm/s). Printing is starting without homeing after leveling of course. Some help or ideas would be nice thanks 🙂

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    The tilt of your effector is varying with XY position, which is changing the effective trigger height of the IR sensor. See, especially

  • Hi,

    so the only solution would be to mount the ir probe as close to the nozzle as possible? or is there another solution 😞


  • Ech of your G30 probe lines in the Bed.g have an H parameter at the end of them this is there so you can apply an offset on each point to allow for the different trigger hight at those points Read the links that DC provided above for information on how this works!!

  • Yes I've been trying that already i use to manually probe each point few times and applay the described formula in the wiki for counting the end value. Ofcourse i added the values atm only for the right side back and front points from my bed.g file but there is still noeffect… after G32 and G29.


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